Erika’s Safe Place is a program that provides a safe environment for at-risk youth where they can meet and feel comfortable enough to discuss and work through any issues they may face.

ESP serves youth who suffer from addiction, self-harm, anger, educational needs, low self-esteem, family issues, and so forth. Twice a week, for five weeks, the youth will work through a curriculum desgined to encouarge them by providing positive coping skills.

It is essential that Erika's Safe Place recieves community support to continue to provide the services, support, guidence and opportunities to the youth they serve. 

 100% of the profit {$10} per tube will be donated directly to Erika's Safe Place.

3 Ways To Help:

1. Keep a tube for yourself to whiten your smile

2. Donte a tube to an at-risk youth at Erika's Safe Place & brightening their smile 

3. Both! Brighten your smile & a youth at Erika's Safe Place 

100% of the profit {$10 per tube} will be dontaed to Erika's Safe Place 

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